Holo-Stylus is an AR/MR input device for head-mounted displays allowing the most precise interaction
with virtual content to enable use case scenarios in industrial environments.

Key Features boosting your AR experience.

Unmatched Precision

Holo Stylus circle

Holo-Stylus offers accuracy down to the millimeter through our AI based tracking technology.


Intuitive Interaction


Holo Stylus hand with pen


Holo-Stylus comes in the form of a pen, ergonomically adjusted to the highest extent, enabling an incredibly intuitive interaction.

Cross-Platform Approach

 Holo Stylus connected world

While Holo-Stylus is compatible with HMDs like Microsoft’s HoloLens, the tracking technology is compatible with all bluetooth devices.

Highest Level of Accuracy. Ease of Use.

A tool with the precision of a surgical instrument and the user-friendliness of a pen.


Use Cases

Holo-Stylus is both interaction and creation tool and thus covers a wide range of applications.
An unprecedented level of precision opens up new control possibilities in areas ranging from the medical sector to training cases with delicate hand movements like welding or soldering. More accurate measurements could be achieved through the Holo-Stylus, robotics could be controlled, or notes created in a much more intuitive way. Digital content could be more precisely designed or even created entirely in virtual space without any loss of detail.

Stylus is now available with a SDK, so that you can integrate it in your own solution.

Let’s talk about your personal use case idea and see how Stylus can empower or even enable your AR experience.


Sketch and design fully interactive 3D holograms yourself, using the environment as your personal canvas. Create your own digital world in every single detail and merge it with your real surroundings.


Holo-Stylus performs highly delicate operations, from simple coordination of everyday tasks to precise marking of objects or mapping out of robotic movements. Connect with your digital content in the most intuitive and accurate way.


Awarded technology

Holo-Light won German Innovation Award 2018 and AWE Auggie Award 2018.

Holo-Light Auggi Award Winner 2018

Latest Holo-Stylus News

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