The XR input device for head-mounted displays


Highest Level of Accuracy. Ease of Use.

A tool with the precision of a surgical instrument and the user-friendliness of a pen.




Sketch and design fully interactive 3D holograms yourself, using the environment as your personal canvas. Create your own digital world in every single detail and merge it with your real surroundings.




Holo-Stylus performs highly delicate operations, from simple coordination of everyday tasks to precise marking of objects or mapping out of robotic movements. Connect with your digital content in the most intuitive and accurate way.

Key Features

Holo-Stylus combines precision with natural handling and a cross-platform approach.

Holo-Stylus offers accuracy down to the millimeter through our new tracking technology.

Holo Stylus free

Holo-Stylus comes in the form of a pen, ergonomically adjusted to the highest extent,enabling an incredibly intuitive interaction.

Holo Stylus natural intuitive

Holo-Stylus is compatible with all HMDs, which is why it is considered the first universal tool for interacting with and creating in Mixed & Augmented Reality.

Holo Stylus Cross platform

Latest Holo-Stylus News

Stay up to date and have a look at our latest announcements about Holo-Stylus

Holo-Light Is nominated for the Econovius Award

Holo-Light is among among the chosen finalists in the race for the prestigious Econovius Award. We are thrilled and honored to be ranked among top-notch pioneers and to be part of Austria’s cutting edge of innovation.

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Sample Day

Before you scroll down to the next article with total disbelief, let us explain the innovative and groundbreaking aspects of the Holo-Stylus 3D to you. This pen, with its thus far unbeaten precision capable of tracking movements down to the millimeter, is compatible with all head-mounted displays and can therefore be used as a uniform standard for interactions in the Mixed Reality universe. More than 150 excited visitors lined up to try out this new input device at Sample Day.

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AWE Europe 2017

Augmented World Expo is the world’s biggest trade fair for Augmented Reality. Since Holo-Light recently made the trip to Santa Clara, California, to attend and give a talk at this spectacular event, it would have been almost unthinkable not to appear at the European offshoot right outside our front door — so we went big and supported the event as a Silver Sponsor.

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